Do you get jealous when he looks at other women? What are they thinking!

Hey ladies, I've been thinking about this for some time now. When my boyfriend looks at another woman I get pretty mad. Because I don't know what he's thinking. I always want to smack him, but I don't. It just frustrates me internally, because I think maybe he thinks she's prettier than me, or maybe he's checking her "stuff" out. I was just curious what you other women do in this situation. I usually say nothing, but it really bothers me? So now it's time to own up men, what exactly are you thinking when you look at other women? Honestly.


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  • My boyfriend likes to look at their ass and I hate it too. I'm just wondering what he's thinking and it gets me really, really angry I don't say anything because leads to a fight. I just suck it up.

    • Yeah I try to as well, but I just think it's so inconsiderate because, it's like you're with me, you've got lots to look at. It really bothers me when other men look at me as well, and they have like a wife and kid with them, it's like dude if I was your wife I'd slap your and leave your ass. Oh btw I love your profile pic! I love pin up stuff!