Are guys attracted to Asians?

I have this friend (no really, my FRIEND, not me) who's Asian. She's really pretty and was chosen for Homecoming Court, and yet, no one's ever asked her out or anything. She's talented, smart, funny, crazy, and people love talking to her-to make a long story short, everyone loves her. Lately, she's been wondering what's wrong with her and why guys don't show any interest in her as more than a friend. I'm also wondering why. She's the only Asian in our school, but she fits in just like one of us. GUYS, do you think that it's just because she's Asian, or is there maybe a different reason?


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  • Huh? I would think with being in that situation would bring out more dating options for her because her competition with other asian girls is very low and the guys who are attracted to asian girls in your school would have their eye out for her, right? But I know that I have found myself attracted to asian girls and I can speak for my friends, too.

    I would say that you look at how she flirts and see if she needs to "turn up the heat" a little so she doesn't get stuck in the "friend zone" - like if she is flirting with a guy is she all to innocent and the guy can't pick up on these subtle hints? That's what I imagine because it seems like she has been focusing on what's wrong and it may carry over when she is talking to a guy so that she does little things that don't give off the right impression to a guy who may be attracted to her. Like does she smile often, and does she stand with her arms crossed for the majority of the time. Or even phsycal contact with the guy she is talking to - does she ever brush against him/touch his hand or arm or shoulder while talking and relating to him/ give a guy a hip-check/hip bump/something like that to let the guy know that "okay, it's time to have fun and goof around" - something like that.

    If you watch how she flirts and it looks like the guy has to do a lot of mind-reading then that would be where I think you should try helping her to get a guy that she likes. Because I also think that a lot of guys probably like her and just don't know how to approach her.

    I only say this because I've noticed for myself the difference in how people respond to me when I have been kind of closed off(because she is wondering what's the problem?) they're like: "Oh hey, how's it going?" and when I look like I'm having a really good day people respond like: "Heyyy, what's new with you?" all curious, like I got a secret, you know. It's really weird. But I think your friend has just gotten into a little bit of a rut like I was in before and just really needs to let it flow and focus on having a good time. Forget about being the only one's who's unique in your immediate surrounding.


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  • I don't think it's because she's Asian. I went to a high school that was primarily Asian, and they all had boyfriends [I was the single one :( ]. Anyway, from your description, she sounds like a great gal, so guys probably are intimidated. How to ask out a girl that everyone knows and likes, ya know?

  • I have lot of guy friends a all of them love asian girls. I doubt it has to do with her being asian. Maybe they are intimidated.