Room decorating tips for a guy's room, to make it look classy?

My room looks boring now, and is full of cardboard boxes of stuff I moved in with. One thing I don't want to do is stick posters on the wall with thumbtacks because that looks tacky, but I don't have the money for reproduction paintings. What are ideas for a guy's room to make it look classy and artistic, but still look like a guy's room?


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  • Well it kind of depends on what your preferences are. Do you like wooden textures and darker colors or sleek metal materials and colors? Progressive art or eclectic designs?
    You can find tons of ideas for decorating and incorporate your favorite colors and designs you know?
    If your posters are fairly inexpensive and you have them just because you like them, what I did with my old posters is use them as wallpaper. Id take a picture but I took my old posters and just covered an entire wall with them (I lined my closet). Some were overlapped and stuff but you know. Like comic book panelling type stuff. It was a bit more than just hanging them up one by one, and gave it a collage type look.
    If your poster is fairly expensive or carries sentimental value, you could get two clear plexiglass frames, sandwich the poster in the middle and hang it up. It keeps the poster safe and looks pretty classy. Modernistic and shit.

    • Or you can: Take posters and tape them to the wall. Fit a sheet of transparent plexiglass and a layer of dark cellophane or something on the plastic and hang it over your posters. You can still see through the glass to the posters but it also doubles as a chalkboard you can write on with window chalk or other markers that show up on dark surfaces. Better than a chalkboard because there's less dust.

    • If I've had posters lately, I've made sure they were framed. Or at least a canvas print.

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  • its tough I remember being in the same situation when I moved into a small apartment a few years ago , never really came up with many ideas. there is cheap paintings you can get at used thrift stores for little money , you'd be surprised what some of those places have , a small painting does add a lot to a small wall


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  • Here is an idea. Find an empty glass bottle, peel of the label, fill it with water and then put fake (but realistic looking) flowers in them? If you want to be extra fancy put som food colouring in.


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