My female friend is very hot in my eyes.

I have met my female friend in a social setting . We exchanged a lot of ideas and spent almost all the day. This encounter happened on several times.

One day, she came to the social get together with her female friend who apparently told me ... let me introduce you to myself... Your friend told me that you`re a real gentleman !. The next day, we went to a bar in a group and we all had a fun . Right on the spot my female asked my email address which said was a group thing. But something was odd about her. She would sit close to me - play with her hair and would only talk to me !. Lastly, I asked her out for a coffee and she agreed to it. Before meeting, I made a complete search of how an interested female would act and then she showed all the signs. Here is my worry - should I tell her flat? or just wait the chance to open up by itself

For an update. Last Saturday, we had this gathering and as she was in hurry to go for a shopping - she came to me by kneeling down close to my chair! By telling me that she had to go somewhere !.


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  • I'd wait for the chance to open itself up, but make sure you have some sort of deadline... Sometimes someone will think you're interested and if you don't act within an undefined amount of time (varies from person to person) they will write it off as a mistake and move on. Rushing in can also be a problem, she could be starting to like you, but isn't quite sure, if you come on too strong it might scare her off. Look for a chance, if it doesn't appear and you want to tell her go for it.

    • Iam afraid that this chance won`t be there for me. Waiting is killing me. How long do I need to wait

    • It varies from woman to woman, some consider a partner and are waiting for further assurance he is a good one, others will like a guy and wait for him to make a move. I'd say wait a couple weeks, but don't let it go over a month.

    • You`re right but here is another update - she emailed me asking me whether I would like to meet her for a coffee and talk - We met in a coffee shop and talked about a lot of things . I couldn`t resist and told her that I liked her and she all of a sudden said `What do you mean? I said, I like you as person, you`re good !!. She replied ` I like you, too. I don`t know whether that has given her some hints as to what iam thinking. We walked into a building where her female friend was waiting us

  • You asked her out for coffee, man you have laready told her! lol Have you ever just asked a girl out for coffee just because you felt like spending money? ithink not lol. Goodluck though.