Okay so,
I'm thinking about dying my hair platinum blonde tomorrow! but I'm not sure how much it would cost, I have brown, relish hair that has been died in August or July month.

I'm so curiously and would love to not have to pay over 200$ for extensions and my hair getting done..


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  • Be VERY careful with going platinum blonde. I have naturally blonde hair myself, and putting highlights in it dried it out enough that I never got them again.
    You will have to do stages, first lifting the natural tones that come with darker hair (reds, browns, oranges, etc.) and then you'll be light enough to get to the blonde stage. However, depending on the hair dresser's experience it might severely damage your hair (which can lead to breakage- where it literally falls off in chunks) or be straw like because it's over processed.
    You may have to do a few colour treatments before you get to that shade, as not every hair dresser will be comfortable with going from that dark shade to the lightest blonde, due to the damage it causes, it could take 3/4 trips to the hair dressers.
    Working through previous dye colour will be even more difficult, as it's a fake colour on your hair that has to be lifted. And chances are your hair is already received some damage from the dye colour its self. Which could make going that blonde nearly impossible depending on the shade.

    I would consider having a consultation with your hair dresser first. Book an appointment to talk with them about what you want and the costs. It will most probably be anywhere from 80-250$. Especially if you have to have repeat visits for hair colour lightning. If it's done all in one sitting, it'll be very expensive.

  • If you want to go that light quickly make sure to go somewhere that uses opalex

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