Mixing a purple sweater with a bright colored dress shirt under it? Need advice on what color!

I am starting to try to find more bright colored outfits for me to wear at my new job (Aveda) and it is somewhat cold in the back office so I really like to wear a sweater. I have a violet purple sweater that I would like to wear tomorrow with something other than a white or black shirt under it.

What do you think I should wear under the sweater? It is a lower cut "V" neck sweater.


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  • gray

    lilac...be careful with this make sure the purples "go" with each other..i guess that means make sure they are from the same color family

    pattern shirt that goes with the violet in your sweater


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  • ...Anything besides black or white (or both) would be far too overbearing and would clash badly. . x_x I'm assuming it's the violet/purple sweater you are wearing in your DP, anything other than black or white would not look well, whereas that color pretty much... dominates. xD

    • That is actually a pink sweater....I am planning on wearing a violet sweater tomorrow and trying to break it up a little. I am thinking about wearing a light blue or a more lilac color.

    • Ah. Well, Violet, Pink, purple, are all very difficult colors to combine with other colors imo, and it would probably be easier to match colors with light blue or lilac. :P

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  • Wow dude, I think it's time to stop pretending and just come out of the closet already

  • No big deal. Yellow.

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