Guys with lot of body hair, do you prefer to remove them? If yes then is it for ladies?

Do you shave wax or laser... and is it for your confidence and to appeal to the majority of ladies?

So there aren't very hairy guys here!


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  • I got some body hair I really don't like. I avoid wearing shorts in public. I really want to try waxing. The pain is scaring me though. I will do it someday and it won't be for the girls. It will be for myself. I am not looking for girls because i have given up on them. I am gonna make myself look good for myself, and only myself.

    • Awww
      Is your chest hairy?

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  • Unfortunately, most girls do not like hairy guys. I am relatively hair. My wife likes it, but I do trim here and there just for my own self-worth.

    • How hairy are you and does she actually likes it or merely accept it?

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    • Has she said she would prefer if you shaved the ass?

    • No, she just avoids it.

  • I have some body hair but if i would remove it it would be for the sake of practicality during sex.

    • Everyone has some body hair anyway hahaha
      So if it's only some the its fine

  • Well I'm hairy and I won't remove them ( not including armpits and pubic hair )

    • How hairy are you actually and where?

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    • Does that include very hairy chest stomach and arms as well as legs?
      And you shave penis and ball?

    • I shave Penis and ball
      arms semi
      legs very
      chest and stomach few

  • Partially. I do first for me and then for the ladies.