How curvy do you like your women?

How curvy do you like your women? What's "curvy" to you
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  • For me personally it's all about shape. A girl can really get quite fat and still be sexy to me, as long as she still has the hourglass figure, it doesn't matter to me if she's got rolls and a big tummy. It's the hourglass figure, it's the thick thighs, or super thick thighs in the case of a larger girl.

    This is Felicia Clover, she's a bbw porn star. She started out skinny, and over the years gained weight and became even more sexy than when she was skinnier. Nowadays she's really super fat but I couldn't find any of those pics. She doesn't look good super fat anymore. But the pics I just linked I think she looks great. she's got a ton of pictures of her just looking bbw thick and sexy as fuck. Most of it is porn so beware lol. But yea, if I had to choose between fucking her and almost anyone else? It would be her. And I love skinny girls too, athletic, all that. But that doesn't mean I don't love a bbw girl just as much. Just depends on how she's shaped.

    • Felicia said it was harder and harder to find work as her weight went up.

      Proxy Paige was one of my favourites because she was tiny and cute but had a nice butt (and knew how to use it) but she has since seriously "filled out" her words and I don't find her attractive any more.

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  • some curves in the right place is fine


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  • Wdym how curvy do you like them

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