Do you think you should let your clothes do the talking?

I notice even though I'm smart, I'm not always treated well.

However, when I'm well-dressed I just automatically 'get' respect.

Which makes me wonder, is this the secret to life? Just dress well and no one will mess with you?


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  • Pretty much. Basically we are sending a message when we dress well, or when we dress as a gansta's. The messages are very different.

    • I personally am a casual sort of girl. As in, I wear a shirt I like and jeans, and I can still pull it off looking good.

      However, I notice when I dress 'rich' I am automatically given respect without even really earning it. And when I am actually ilttle miss perfect with a very normal attire, I'm not.

      What is the world coming to?

    • It has been this for thousands of years. Why do you think kings wore special robes?

  • Kinda

    • Dress well can also translate into dressing rich.

      I mean I was most beautiful probably at age 20-21. But I didn't dress rich. Now when I dress rich, I get quite a bit of awe from others

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    • No I didn't mean it in that way.

      I meant that generally you have to deal with both men and women in your life.

      I've come to realize women will hate you no matter what you do. At least you could try to bring the guys on your side.

      Not in a romantic or slutty way but genuinely as a person way.

      I think it's probably true that guys also respect other guys who dress well. Liek Harvey specter from suits.

    • Yeah I understand what you mean, Basically, It can not be said.
      We have proverb--Peaches and plums do not have to talk, but the world beats a path to them.
      but sometimes, it is cruel...

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