Do girls do this to all guys?

when you walk past random girls in college, a lot of them wear a frown and whiz past you. it would make sense if I was unattractive, but I know I'm not that because people said otherwise in high school. are these girls just busy on their feet or they just don't like me?


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  • Honestly I am one of those girls at college that whiz by good looking guys like you and frown. I would not say that they are all busy I would look more at the situation you are in. Is it always the critical time of making it to class so they may be thiking about getting to class. If this is it there is probably nothing you can

    Are you approachable? The girls may think that you may not look nice or are busy so why would they look at you? If this is the case smile and look relaxed. If it comes down to it you can always say hi. If they don't hear you oh well it didn't hurt. If they hear you they should say ih back. I don;t know how big your college is but you may not have to worry about ever seeing them again if you embarass yourself. lol I mean that in a good way. Not that I think that you are going to make a machary of yourself.

    I would not worry about if the girls like you or not. Just try to be yourself and then if a girl likes you you should know. If not you should get a pretty good understanding of what one does. Or you will just find a girl that you like. lol:)

    I am not sure if any of these will help you but I hope they will:) Good Luck

    It would be awesome if you could help me out on my latest question. :) thanks

  • Prob just busy ... If they're frowning. Most girls will at least be polite if it has to do with attraction/lack of attraction. Sounds like they're just caught up in their own worries. Girls often multi-task to the point that they lose track of the present instead of walking around enjoying the day, she is probably fretting about a test or something.


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