Are Dafni Hair Straighteners worth buying?

Hello ladies,
My lovely wife has asked me to buy her a Dafni hair straightener for for her birthday. Are they worth the money? What is a good price to pay?


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  • Try looking at some reviews online. From the ones I read from Amazon it seems to be ok apart from it only having one EXTRA HOT heating set temperature (which can cause damage to your hair). It works ok with all hair types (so like thick long hair, fine thin hair), and the price seems reasonable for what it is. According to the reviews all the girls said it heats up pretty quickly (which is a good thing in a way. It takes a while for these heat straighteners to heat up)

    Overall it's ok. My friend who is a makeup artist/hairstylist swears by GHD hair straighteners. They do a good job but it's more expensive then the Dafni.

    The Dafni is ok by the sounds of it. I would also buy really good hair protectant spray (it helps nourish the hair) so it won't get damaged and that is really important also


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  • Check on eBay better.