How to get bigger thighs & thinner face?

Hello...My body type is like this: chubby face, big boobs, big stomach, normal sized arms & legs (I know, not the best) & I want to know if anyone knows a way for my thighs to get thicker (I find that attractive) and a way for my face to thin out. I know I need to do ab work outs & I like the size of my boobs LOL...any advice?


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  • For lowering bodyfat percentage (which is what you mean by getting a thinner face), just do some form of cardio consistently, preferably something high intensity (google HIIT) or if you're just starting out, some low intensity steady state exercises (jogging, etc.).

    One thing you need to keep in mind is that you can't spot reduce fat loss. When you attempt to lose fat, it is lost everywhere on your body proportionally. Ab work outs will make your core stronger but they will not cause you to lose fat in that area, it's just not how one's body works

    As far as getting bigger thighs, the single most effective exercise is barbell squats (assuming you have access to a gym). Lunges are good too but they would usually be an auxiliary exercise. Please do not have some sort of apprehension over lifting heavy weight thinking you will get huge "manly" muscles, it's hard enough for most men to do that let alone women. There isn't enough testosterone in most women's bodies to achieve anything remotely like this.

  • You really should work your whole body but as far as your legs go there are several exercises that you can do.

    At home you can do lunges & or walking lunges. You can buy one of those big balls & do some squats. Place the ball behind you (on your lower back) up against a wall. Then squat down then back up again. The ball of course will roll up & down the wall with you.

    If you go to a gym there are many exercises that you can do. Leg extensions. Mix those up one week doing them with one leg & the next with both legs. Several ways to do squats, hack press & even leg presses.

    Most importantly is don't forget to work your core muscles.


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