Do you think male modeling will fail like playgirl?

Playgirl failed because it didn't get women attention and because women don't get sexual reactions from looking at men, male modeling doesn't get female attention because women don't feel physical attraction (non sexual) to the way men look. They find women more aesthetically appealing than men. When I say male modeling, I'm referring to basic models like the Hollister models and body builders. It seems the feminine looking male models are the only men that get female attention although the female attention is minuscule.

  • Yes because women don't really appreciate male models😢.
  • No because women actually like looking at male models😍.
  • Male modeling should fail😠.
  • I find men more aesthetically appealing than women🙂.
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  • No, I'm still in the business and I see no signs that it's failing.


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