Good resources for straight male fashion?

Hey, what are some good resources for fashion for a straight male in his 20's who wants to start dating? Things like blogs, magazines, websites... I been browsing around google for male fashion advice but none of them really fit the bill. Most of them are for the business world or are for gays (One even suggested wearing skirts. Probably not going to get any chicks with that advice). Nothing really for a guy in college to help impress the girls.

So any good books, websites, magazines, or blogs would be helpful. :D


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    its the shiznaynay

    • Oh wow, I never even noticed that they had a fashion section before, (I don't go on there very much) and at a glance it looks like what I was looking for. Thanks!

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  • Ask girls when you're shopping. That's what I do. Just stop a girl while you're shopping and ask what they think

    • Not a bad idea really.

      I would like to have a better idea of what exactly I am looking for though, hence resources I can look through.

    • Well that's tough, because it depends on what kind of style you're looking to have.