Cute, hot, handsome?

What does it mean when girls refer to guys with these classifications? What is the difference between them?

Which is the best to be classified in terms of how much a girl is into you?


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  • I can't speak for all girl, but for myself. Some girls just say whichever word comes to their mind first when they see a guy they think if generally attractive. I, however break it down in the following ways:

    Cute: Generally good-looking. Some girls my say they mean cute to mean "adorable" (i.e., "baby face") but I say cute to guys who aren't necessarily adorable but are simply attractive men. A little above average than the guy you'd normally pass on the street but nothing to necessarily drool over.

    Hot: Smoking. I'm talking male model, Matthew McConaughey status. Someone so gorgeous you wonder why God made men like this to make us realize how we truly pale in comparison. Someone who you would generally find to be so unattainable because of how amazingly good looking he is. He would appear to have the whole package (physically speaking anyway)-great body, great smile, great teeth, beautiful eyes, great hair, looks good naked or in a 3-piece suit. Just can do no wrong. This IS the guy we drool over and fantasize about.

    Handsome: I do not use handsome that often. When I do, it usually refers to men who carry themselves with a certain dignity. Men who I would not necessarily turn to look at on the street (but are still by no means ugly), who are also not "hot" but the way they carry themselves makes them attractive. I work in a hospital and there are a lot of "handsome" older doctors who are not "cute" in the traditional sense but because of their profession and their dress, and their demeanor, I say they are handsome. I would say the Barack Obama's or Denzel Washington's of the world are handsome. I wouldn't really look twice at them on the street, but you realize when you watch them how attractive they really are.

    Either one of these categories would be good for guys to be in. A girl is into you because of more than your looks. You could be "cute" but because of your personality you could be the most gorgeous guy she's ever met. I's happened with me before.


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  • Not going too deep into it, if those classifications were mine I would say...

    Cute AND handsome both fall into the same slot, potentially someone I could be interested in, but in my case just a general observation that someone is attractive.

    Hot. I fancy you, like really bad...

  • In my terms...

    Cute - I like the way the guy looks. I want to hug him, hang around him, etc. I tend to find funny guys "cute". This is more personality related for me. Ex: David Hewlett is cute in my mind and I like him a lot.

    Hot - I am seriously attracted to them. I like them for their body. Ex: Taylor Lautner is hot. I wouldn't mind getting together with him but it doesn't necessarily mean I'll stay with him.

    Handsome - He looks good but I'm not attracted to him all all. Ex: Brad Pitt is handsome in my mind but I'm not attracted to him.

    Overall, "Cute" is my best choice for guys. It means they're decent looking and having something about them I find attractive. Hot guys usually don't keep my attraction long because I was more attracted to the body versus the personality. Handsome guys I usually find interested but nothing I would date.


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