How can I make this dress into a rock star dress for prom?

Okay, so prom is coming up and I have two or three questions

1.where can I buy those cut off gloves that have the missing fingers?

2.what color should I add with this dress its basic black and white(uugghh)

and... else can I make this into a rock star dress.

Oh wait make that 4 questions lol sowie... should my hair and make-up look?


link <---thats the link to see the dress if it works!


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  • Here's some more pics for inspiration:

    link (leggings and gloves)

    link (studded belt)

    link (add colour to your hair if you are willing - two toned is always rockeresque)

    link (stripes)

    link (ties - around the neck or waist - doing it around the waist leaves room for a studded necklace up top)

    link (fake tattoos if you can swing it)

    link (appologize for the angry flip off in this picture -_- but zippers and buttons)

    high contrast, lots of colours, metal, accessories, and uniqueness.

    Good luck!


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  • 1. Make them it's cheaper and you can customize it to your fingers. It's not too hard at all to do either: link link

    2. Fortunately everything pretty much goes with black and white. I've seen a lot of girls add in some hot pink. You really can't go wrong with what you add, but if you want a more rock star look, go with bold expressive colours. It's got a lot of pattern to it already, so what you do add, try to add mainly bold colours (no more pattern unless you are adding in your hair or in the gloves).

    3. Find your inspiration from rockers that you think have good style:






    4. I think this hair is pretty awesome, not gonna lie:


    but you also can't go wrong with leaving it down and putting some bed head in.

    I like how Kristen Stewart does her eyes - always dramatic and lots of colour and boldness (not so great for every day use, but awesome for a rockin' look on a special occasion): link


    Some other cool ideas: link


    Definitely go to local thrift stores or good will if you have them, you can find some wanky, cheap stuff there. Also check out hot topic for ideas.

    The 80's leggings are coming back so you could try that.

  • for the gloves-- buy a perfect pair and cut them up

    the dress omg! you can do alotta stuff with it use a sparkley scarf and tie it around the waist and wrapit around the rest to make it pop

    rockstar-- you could cut here and there if your not afrid to do that and clip in like tinselish stuff and spray glitter on and use metallic spraypaint and paint it

    and I sugest smokey eyes and a sleek hair style--noooo currleys

    (hope I help)