What color should I get?

I dyed my hair this color at the salon(permanent):


but after two weeks it started getting lighter and looks very reddish(especially on pictures) and it doesn't match my eyebrows

I want to change my color but need help deciding what color. I am stuck between two options:

My natural color (I will go to a salon). This is how it looks like:


Or use henna and indigo(its nourishing and safe for hair) to get this deep chestnut shade(I will dye my brows this color to match):


any advice? I'm so indecisive

PS. I have green eyes and light colored skin- but I get a pretty deep tan over the summer (which will be here soon)


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  • It's hard to answer a question with just a description. If the pictures above of your natural hair color and what you currently have had been you it would have been easier to decide but with pictures of celebrities it kinda throws some bias into it. I was tempted to say the natural just because it is Keira Knightley.


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  • If the pictures are you, it doesn't matter.

    Guys won't be that critical of hair color; girls more likely so.

    I'd suggest that you go with your natural color, if it's not 'hair' hair color.


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  • Your natural hair color is very very pretty:)
    I think that you could also pull off the henna idea very well also!
    Or maybe a deep auburn...
    Take it from somebody who has had everything from stripes to white hair, it is very hard to get it looking natural again! I just recently got mine back (golden brown-ish)

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