Why can't girls agree on what an attractive guy is?

Most guys can all pick the same girl and call her attractive. But girls, on the other hand, don't know what the hell an attractive guy is. Some girls think a guy is cute and others think the same guy is grotesque. Are all girls born with brain damage or something?

Make up your minds. He is hot or not. And you should all agree on it too...

Like me for example. Some girls find me cute and to others I'm invisible. It is just ridiculous.


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  • hahahha! I'm sorry but your questions makes me laugh :P no we're not born with brain damage, all girls have different preferinces, most girls will agree when the guy is like drop dead gorgious but with the other guys there is a little bit of gray area because some girls like emo other prep and other jock, just like different guys like different girls it's all up to the type of girl.

    hope this helps :) <3

    • What? How do you know my other questions? But I'm glad you find them humerous.

    • Sorry I had a typo I meant THIS question made me laugh. :) sorry if I offended you.


    • It's ok.. But anyway, to add to my point, some girls don't even find Brad Pitt or Rob Pattinson attractive. As matter of fact, some find them ugly! You girls just don't know what you want.

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  • we all have different opinions. kind of like how some people like guacamole and other people dont. get over it, everyone isn't going to find you attractive.

  • hahahahah how incredibly shallow of you. (:

    not all girls are the same. not every girl is going to find you attractive, get over it lol.

    and not every guy thinks the same way either. I have plenty of guy friends with varying opinions on what they find attractive. now stop being so closed-minded, thanks (:


What Guys Said 2

  • Because they don't go for looks? The attraction mechanism of women is triggered by more of a set of personality traits rather than looks making it far more vague and hard to identify than ours. Like cupcake said, a guy probably has to be perfect or damn close to get a consensus. Yes looks are a factor but more in the way that they give clues about your character. Unless your dashingly handsome and then you could get by on just looks alone.

    If you think about it we're the same way. If a girl is just stunning any guy will agree but if she's average then preference becomes a much bigger factor. I had a friend who introduced me to this girl he was seeing and afterwards he asked me "Isn't she just smokin' hot?". She didn't really do anything for me. He couldn't believe it.

  • because girls are much more picky and choosy than we are.

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