Help!! Im so ugly and plain without makeup?

Hello. Im a 16 year old girl and i just started wearing makeup again after going makeup free for a year. (i did this because i had a acne problem and needed my skin to breathe) now that im starting to wear makeup again i just realized how ugly my natural self truly is. I look sooo pretty with makeup. Without it - i look more like im sick and haven't slept in years. I have terribly uneven skin and dark circles. i don't even wear that much makeup. I wear foundation, concealer , eyeshadow, mascara / false lashes , blush , bronzer , lipstick and i fill in my naturally sparse brows. I feel like im lying to others. I am not even joking when i tell you that without makeup im a 4 and with makeup im a 9. Its insane. What should i do? Any other girls share my pain. Im crying because i wish i was naturally pretty. Is there anything i can do to look fresh and good without makeup?


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    We always adapt to things.
    Let's say you're sleeping in a room with a tiny night light, enough to see objects in your room, once you go into your bright bathroom, then come back out, the room seems pitch black, its because you adapted to the brightness.
    Or, if you have middle sweet iced tea and eat a chocolate, the tea will taste bitter after.
    Once you start wearing makeup, and you remove it, you will compare the two so of course you think you look way worse than you actually do. If your makeup looks right, then everybody looks better with it.
    Don't worry and don't be scared to wear makeup a lot, if it makes you feel more confident then wear it all you want!
    I wear it daily, but i'm totally fine.


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  • Well I usually wear just foundation, eyeliner, and I pat on a LITTLE bit of lipstick to put color where the foundation might've gotten on my lips

    I feel like when I started wearing makeup I would do EVERYTHING and when I would take it off I would feel that way and I felt like insecure if I didn't have makeup because it was such a huge difference

    Ever since I toned it down I feel loads better because it's not such a difference whenever I'm not wearing it... maybe find a nice middle ground

  • Sometimes I feel the same way, I wear even less makeup than you because when I do do the full thing? I feel fake, there is a way though to make yourself more desirable in your eyes without having to wear so much makeup and still feel insecure

    • How much do you wear if you don't mind me asking? And the problem is that makeup MAKES me confudent. Without makeup i feel terrible.

    • Now, I wear; mascara (I have yet to try false lashes), I do my eyebrows (very natural looking) and foundation under my eyes since I have natural dark under eyes. This helps me look at least nice. When I dont wear makeup? Its not that I feel im pretty, I just avoid thinking/looking at mirror. I feel like once I get older (next year lol) Ill wear way more because... I don't know im tired of seeing me, the way I look now, I want to feel pretty, and belive people when they tell me I am