Girls look for guys or guys should come up and ask?

well I don't know but it seems when I look 4 a guy I pick up the wrong ones so do you think its better if a girl is the one who makes the first moves or you should wait for the guy 2 come around? I don't know I have bad luck with guys they either just wanna b friends or just wanna get in my pants.i need help what do guys look for in a girl and y can't I find 1


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  • what a guy looks in a girl is confidence about herself,outgoing and the right personality.

    some guys are just pricks if the just want one thing and tell you to f**k off then and never to bother them I know how you feel cause it happened to me a load of times before and it is upsetting and really hurtful.a fella should always makes they first move and make sure you are comfortable with them and if you want to make the first move go ahead cause they can't stop ya and most fella's like that from a girl because it's shows ur not afraid and really confident around them and another thing is just go easy just in case if you like making the first move go ahead and if you don't make sure they will cause ye will both know that you and him aren't shy at all best off luck and look out 4 urself and make sure you don't end up getting hurt as I've been down that path to many times and talk to your friends about only a friend you can trust ok


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  • You need to stop looking for guys, let them come to you. Just be confident with yourself and when guys saw how confident you are then they will come to you.

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