Fashion advise/shopping tips for a crossdresser?

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone who worked in retail could offer suggestions on the best way to approach a shopping situation.

I've always shopped online and would love to actually shop in a retail store but don't know how the persons there would react/feel?


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  • Call or contact the store in advance and ask if they would mind. Tell them that you are a guy and would like to do some shopping for yourself, but you're unsure of the sizing and would it be ok to try them on, first. Knew a guy, like you, and it worked for him. They let him dress in the store, if there was no one there, or they would let him come in at closing time and try out what he wanted. Give it a try. Most sales women really don't mind and it's more common than you think.

  • browsing and buying clothes shouldn't be an issue because no one will know if you are buying the dress for yourself or for a girlfriend or whatever.

    There would only be an issue if you wanted to try things on. I think if you go to a "trendy" store like Urban Outfitters or H&M where everyone stands in the same line I don't think they will really pay attention to the clothes in your hand (whether it's a "women's" shirt or "man's" shirt). And even if the worker has to count how many items you have, I still don't think they would make a comment about it. So I think if you stick to stores where everyone uses the same dressing room then you'll be okay (as opposed to shopping at a huge department store where there are clearly different "women's" and "men's" dressing rooms).
    Another option would be to cross-dress when you go to the store. If you are already wearing a dress, people won't be so confused when you want to try on or buy a different dress.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to give me advise, I don't think I would have the courage of trying anything or going dressed.

      I've never been to H&M but I might try now as I think there is one near by

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