What's the built of your body and legs/thighs?

Generally women have bigger curvier legs and thighs than the rest of the body.
What type is yours and do you like it the way it is?
Do you do anything to make them more beautiful?
If possible post a pic of your legs.

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  • i have thick thighs

    • Yummy 😍. In general are you big and fat type if a woman?
      What type of legs and thighs you like on men?

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    • Type if legs and thighs you like on men?
      Okay, men should keep it as it is naturally, and that includes the chest/back and butt?

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  • athletic with curves and small box gap if thats still a thing guys like

  • I have a perfect.70 waist to hip ratio. Girls used to tell me my thighs were fat and ugly, but now girls are jealous of them. I don't really understand when this changed. LOL. I have thick, meaty thighs and a plump, round ass with a perfect bust to match them.

    I'm not posting any pictures here because my best friend's little sister took a picture of my ass in tight pants to catfish guys on Tinder with and my friend put it on Facebook. I don't need any creepers following me around.

    • Okay
      Do you like men with thick meaty legs and thighs?

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    • No, most women wouldn't give him the option to get the hair removed or they'd lead him on and dump him when they couldn't go any further in the relationship without sex.

    • Ah that's bit if relief
      How tall are you?

  • Not much. What's up with you?

    • Hmm what?
      You didn't answer

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