What do you think of girls that don't swear?

I'm talking high school age by the way :)

  • It's cute. It makes her seem innocent.
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  • It's weird.
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  • I love it. I hate girls who swear.
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  • It doesn't really matter.
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  • I don't mind a girl who sears if she knows how to get it right - which is occasionally and not 24/7. And she needs to apply the right terms and also know when not to swear. It can be embarrassing at times. If she doesn't, that's great too.

    • U are like 100 why should you care

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    • Girls101 I have to say that's really immature! you will be that age one day

    • After I noticed the part about high school age, I have an idea what she meant - even if she could have said it without going for the jugular. She'll have a hard time getting people to agree that way, whether she has a point or not. There should be an arrow for comments as well as answers.

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What Guys Said 4

  • as long as the girl does not swear like a sailor or using every other word in a sentence, than it doesn't matter.

  • I can't say that I hate girls who swear; I don't hate anyone. I personally believe cussing is unattractive from both sexes. I am guilty of it and am trying to stop. If I am around a girl who cusses, then I probably will be more prone to it. In fact, I KNOW I will. Slip ups are okay. EVERYONE cusses at some points in their lives. Any living person on this earth who says they haven't is telling a lie from the gates of hell.

  • I think it depends on when and in what context.

    Casually saying it in everyday talk is very unattractive.

    But sneaky little private swearing, is hott. I loved it cause it was cute, an old girlfriend, when she swore, would kinda whisper, and say it almost like a secret. I loved it. :)

  • even though swearing can be a turn on to some, for me it can be over done .


What Girls Said 4

  • I personally had a mouth like a truck driver when I was younger but as I got older I cooled it on the swearing. I am ok with someone who swears some of the time but I have always made it clear to the man in my life.SWEARING AT ME .BETTER NEVER HAPPEN.

    I also feel that swears are empty words!

    If you don't swear I think that is wonderful, it's really a bad habbit to get into and it does sound terrible.

    We start swearing at a young age to fit in with our peers.right! Be yourself.

  • when girls swear a ton, I just think it is immature. to me it makes her seem really unlady like and unclassy. but sometimes you can't help it when your mad.

  • This is such a funny question to me because I don't hardly ever swear. And when I'm really heated about something and I do people look at me funny because they are not used to hearing it from me. Or if I curse in general conversation, people will laugh because they say it sounds funny coming from me.

  • omg lol, I thought you said sweat just saw the swear.