Girls, Do you prefer men to shave their legs and arms?

Almost every male model and actor shaves his whole body and that includes his legs and arms as well , no matter how minimal hairy they are they have their body all shaved almost as bare as their female counterpart.

Do you like it on real life men around you as well?

Do you like shaved legs?


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  • No, just NO! Why do men do it?

    • They do it for pics and camera because girls appreciate it!
      Real life men do it because they know women like the models and actors for being shaved... and sometimes many men do it because they have tons of hairs

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    • No. It's not so important. The body under it is important and the person, of course. If you want to look good, exercise. It depends on how much hair you have but I think it is better not to remove it.

    • It's hell lots and lots of thick coarse dense hairs

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  • Don't feed the troll, people