Do guys look at me just because I look at them?

It feels as if guys look at me, except I can't tell because sometimes I look as well, so it's hard to determine if they are just looking because I did. Guys never approach me so I'm just wondering if something is wrong. I'm usually a happy person who is always nice and smiling, although guys don't seem to notice. Any advice? Thank you :)

(I asked similar question before but didn't get many responses)



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  • They stare because you're beautiful. Men are attracted visually and everything that signals your attractiveness is on display at all times. Women are attracted primarily by personality traits and seem to have a hard time relating to that. Ever been with a guy that you were really attracted to and you didn't want to leave because you couldn't get enough of him. Well it's the same effect. They're into you and no matter how much they look they never get tired of seeing you.

    Ladies, when a man stares just assume he digs you. It's a broad ,sweeping generalization but most of the time you'll be right. If a guy stares he's ripe for the picking. If either he approaches you or you approach him it's game on.

    • Thanks, it's just hard to tell if they are even staring or just glancing your way-especially if you look also. I also don't want to be a person who always assumes guys think I'm attractive and they are all looking at me-that's just embarassing. But I guess if I (and every other girl) assume they like what they see that shows confidence and guys really are attracted to that.

  • well if you look at someone male or female there is a greater chance they will look back at you than not .

    as for why guys don't approach you I'm not sure there as you look normal . but maybe your not hanging out in the most interesting places or have a lot of girlfriends over guy friends . I don't know . to be honest guys don't really approach that many girls they don't know , unless they have a lot of confidence or just don't care of rejection . most guys think about approaching a new girl but then back off out of fear I have read .


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