Guys what do you think about women wearing leggings?


Leggings with a dress or a very long-tshirt


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  • For me it can definitely be attractive, depending on the setting of course. College campus for example? Sure it can be pretty common & it can be attractive.

    That said, when it comes to what a girl wears I think more about the certain style they have & whether it appeals to me & if she looks good in that style.

    • The thing is, I have nice legs I know that. So when I walk into a burger place and I'm covered with a long dress and leggings, the female will give me a weird look.

      Which makes me wonder is it not common or something for people to wear leggings to the burger place?

    • Well don't get intimidated by any woman or man, especially if you know you look good.

      If you wore leggings into a burger place the only reason I would look would be because it's hot or attractive, not because it looked out of place.

      I think you're fine, leggings w/ a tshirt or dress is definitely fine in a burger place & probably most places.

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  • Leggins look good on a nice body but I wouldn't wear them on the street. And I don't like the idea of wearing them with a long t-shirt or a dress. I don't like the way it looks.

    • Why wouldn't you wear them on the street out of curiosity?

      I love wearing it with a long t-shirt or dress.

      I love dresses in general but I never wear them without stockings or tights or leggings, so I guess I usually prefer leggings ecompared to stockings or tights

    • It is not my style not that I am against them :)

      I understand. In my case I don't wear drrsses without tights.

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  • Leggings are fine if you keep yourself healthy and fit. Personally, I'm a fan of leggings with a long t-shirt. To be more specific, either a raider t-shirt, or a metallica t-shirt. Wowza.

  • I think with a dress it's okay. I generally think women who go around wearing leggings ALL THE TIME are lazy and dirty

    • 😳 Well... I definitely don't walk around in leggings often...::

    • Um... what? Why?

  • Attractive

  • It's cool

    • Do you think those girls who wear it are normal or you know. Categorized in 'that' pile (attention-seeking type)

    • They're very normal athletes just as I am an athlete that wear Adidas black warm-up pants with white stripe down the side of it

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