Why men follow current fashion trends and don't stick to trends from previous eras?

Take for example the ultra-ridiculous "undercut". Especially if it's coupled with a man bun and a beard makes you look like a caricature in my opinion.

I think men are fashion victims and they don't mind looking ridiculous, just for the sake of being "in".

Personally I prefer the semi-long hair with fringe, like many artists in the late 70s-early 80s era chose to follow.

Oh I forgot those huge EARRINGS. YUCK.


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  • I actually think undercuts suit many men. Since the sides are kept short, it gives the head a more elongated silhouette and keeps the face from looking round.

    • It makes you look like an egg with hair. Really.

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    • And it's very "10s" in my opinion. Which is something I don't like.

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  • Just because YOU have bad taste doesn't mean we all do baby ❤️


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