What to do with show-off boyfriend?

My boyfriend is cool in just about every way except that he likes to show off his body. in particular his package. don't get me wrong -- I enjoy his great body and his big package. but I think it's cheesy and a bit gross for guys to go around highlighting their bulges.

it's worse now that we're going to the beach - he likes to take off his board shorts (super cute!) and tan in his speedos (uh, weird). he loves the attention he gets. I'm not the jealous type. usually. but I hate coming back to our towel and he's chatting with another cute girl who's obviously flirting with him and staring at his big bulge. he plays it off very smoothly and is very affectionate, so technically he's not doing anything wrong. right?


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  • jess, I am a guy who seems a lot like your BF. I enjoy walking around and catching glances of ladies especially when in the jeans that make it look like I am tryng to smuggle plums and salami out of the country :-)

    I assure you this is perverted, yet innocent. It turns me on, and my fiance' always gets excited when she sees another women looking at what she is getting at least everyday. I wouldn't let this bother you, unless there are other things that make you not trust him. If it does bother you then he should try to change what he does a bit and you guys could meet in the middle.


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  • Yep, technically he is not doing anything wrong, but if he needs that type of attention, then I would really wonder what he would do if you were not around.

  • Based on your profile pic, I think you may have found your soulmate! Lol!

    To be honest, I too enjoy this kind of attention at the beach... who wouldn't? :)


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  • I guess you could just keep telling yourself " damn I'm the girl that gets all that!"