Am I tore up from the floor up or something?

am I ugly or something?it seems like guys never want to talk to me...i try to look nice and sweet but it never seems to work.sheesh...I'm starting to think I'm ugly...

there is a picture of me for my profile picture.

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oh no I broke a screen! oh
well peeps thanks for your honesty and comments.


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  • this is a really poor way to look at things its not that your ugly looks wise you probably wouldn't be my type personally but if you were a sweet person and had a shining personality I would personally look past the looks and be with the person anyway and so would any guy that is looking for a long lasting and healthy relationship so if a guy thinks your ugly and won't be with because that who cares that's his loss and he doesn't deserve you anyway try looking at things like that and have a little more confidence you might do a bit better but that's just my take on the situation I hope that helps


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  • You look kinda overweight.


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