Going on a date? (girl's POV please)

my question seems pretty simple but I know the answer may be complicated..

so basically I met this girl once, say a month ago, at a friend's kickback, it was cool we got along, etc.. me and another guy were like flirting w her but I stopped eventually and he kept going.. nothing happened tho.. anywho, we meet again a week ago and she's making references to the last time we hung out ..i kinda start talking to her, she gives me her business card, says I should go visit her to get my hair cut.. she adds me on Facebook.. I text her 3 days later and ask her about her rates she says its $25 but then asks who this is, I mention my name, she says "oh just tip me! its fine :)" so I meet w her today she cuts my hair, she walks me out, talks to me a bit outside at this point I'm thinking this girl is into me.. she says she's down to hang out if I want to tonight, so we do..

everything went well, we went to play pool with live electro music (she loves it).. my point is, I'm always very bad at asking people on dates.. I'm almost always too late.. so my question is when is a good time ? she wants to hang out randomly, each showing each other things that we know how to do.. should I just "hang out w her" and get to know her ? or should I be more suggestive?


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  • OK.. she obviously likes you! Just catch her off guard and be like I wanna take you out on a date. That way she'll know you want to be more than just friends. Although, there is nothing wrong with taking things slow... I actually prefer it.

    If for some reason she says no...(which I'm 95% sure she'll say yes) then it's not the end of the world.. :) There are more fish in the sea and everything happens for a reason.


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