Should I just break up?

There is a girl and she likes me, so she asked me out the other day. I said sure, but I'm not 100% sure I made the right decision. She is really fun to be with, but she is just not my style (talking about looks). I know that people say that beauty is skin deep, and stuff like "its what inside that really matters", but I don't feel comfortable going out with this girl. Should I just break up?


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  • Maybe you should go out with her and have fun but try to show her that you just wanna be a friend of her, not her boyfriend


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  • Dude, give her a chance. Spend some time with her. She may not look like the girl of your dreams RIGHT NOW, but you might be surprised later on.

    I met this girl once, right? And personally, I thought her friend was A LOT prettier than she was. Actually, I didn't think SHE was pretty at all! She wasn't even hot.

    But then, her friend left (they stopped being friends), and I talked with the girl I didn't think was pretty. She turned out to be really nice and sweet, and was amazing to hang out with. And as time went by, I realized how pretty she really is! It's hard to believe I didn't notice it at first, but she has so many amazing features, it's not even funny.

    Today, we're really close friends. I'm still wondering why I don't feel like going out with her, but it's definitely got nothing to do with how she looks. I'd be lucky if I could find a girl who looks half as pretty as she does.

    So what I'm saying is, unless she's downright UGLY, don't be so quick to dismiss her. She may surprise you.

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