How can you tell when a guy is looking at you "by accident"?

This guy seems to look at me a lot...and I seem to catch him a lot too. Except I don't know if it's just a coincidence that I'm catching him looking at me then looking away quickly. I keep telling myself that he's just glancing and nothing more. Sometimes he looks down at his phone then looks up at me then looks back at his phone and usually when he's laughing, his eyes will wander towards me. It's just that he's VERY good looking (the kind of guy every girl would go for) and I'm pretty (not cocky at all though) but I wouldn't think that he would go for somebody like me; that's why I keep telling myself that it's all just a coincidence.

So...Coincidence or not?


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  • i don't think there is such a thing as "looking at someone by accident". either you look at them because they are pretty, or you look at them because they are fit, so either you're pretty or fit.

    • So your eyes would NEVER just "happen" to glance at a girl?

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    • Somedude: yeaaah that makes a lot of sense. I catch him doing it a lot but I've always thought he's sort of...out of my league that's why I doubt his glances.

      answerer: awww that's so sad! hope you're okay :)

    • Yeah I still miss her and I'd do anything to get her back but I know I won't get her back and I i haven't ever seen another girl as beautiful in the same way ever again.

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  • If you're in a room say for instance a waiting room (probably not the case but as an example), sit somewhere in his field of view in front of him, "catch" him a couple times and keep an eye on where he looks, if it's only towards you, then get up and "get a drink" or "go to the bathroom" and sit somewhere else completely different from where you were before but still in front of him, if you catch him the same as you did before then he is definitely checking you out 100% no questions asked. Try sitting closer to him ever time and eventually if he doesn't start talking to you then you start talking to him, if he's laughing then try and pick out what it was about, if it was jokes then bring one up yourself, if he's interested in you, no matter how shitty that joke is I guarantee he will laugh at it.

  • nope he is checking you out, and he every time he looks at you, he secretly wants you to look back, and have a flirty eye contact connection, but when you do look at him he gets nervous...i used the clock move...A LOT!

    • I really like this guy though, but whenever I try to have an eye contact connection with him he REALLY quickly turns away when I catch him. That's why I'm beginning to think it's just nothing and that it's all just an "accident" =/

      So you're saying that you would NEVER just "happen" to glance at a girl a lot?

    • No, its on purpose he's just shy...i did this all the time, its like a competition, can't you get a smile in before he looks away, if you do he'll feel a lot more at ease, and most likely smile back

    • Damn! I really wish he would say something. But sometimes I think he's just looking at me because he wants to see if I'M looking at him. (I do the same thing, I look at him a lot to see if he's still looking at me) Know what I mean?

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  • i only look/stare/or have prolonged eye contact when I like someone or find them interesting- which mean either way I'd like to get to know them.

    so yeah...its definitely not a mistake. but you can alwas try getting up and walking across the room and then suddenly looking over at him...if he's looking he's been watching you the whole time...yeah that could clear some doubt up. or the clock trick.

    good luck. :)

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