Do girls like a hairy guy?

Hi, I'm 21 years old and I was just curious, would girls date someone who has a lot of body hair?. I mean obviously that's not the first thing they would notice when on a date, but my fear is that when it maybe comes to the clothes off stage, I would feel very self-conscious, I have done before in a previous relationship. My chest, arm hair etc. doesn't bother me, its just the shoulders and back that are the problem. I don't think I'm ugly or anything, I think I'm a pretty good looking guy. I just wanted to know are women bothered by that sort of thing?


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  • I don't mind hairy guys, but my friend judges guys by their facial hair, eyebrows, etc, and if she thinks tthey might be hairy she won't even talk to them. So it depends on the girl, but if you are really self concious about it, go get the areas you aren't too secure with waxed. Back hair does bother me, but like a fuzz butt, chest hair, arms, and leg hair don't bother me at all.

    • I have had my back waxed before, but it grew back so quick, so I'm pretty much trying to accept it now

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  • i personally do not mind hairy just depends on how it looks on you...but at times hairy guys are really attractive...

    • It doesn't look too bad, it probably just feels worse than what it is lol

  • For some guys it is very sexy and for some it is unattractive. It just depends on if you look good or not.


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