What do you look for in a girl - looks and personality?

I find it really interesting what different men like as far as looks and personality go in women. I think girls are constantly bombarded with a very specific look that they should model themselves after, and its always annoying to find out that the guy you were actually trying to attract could care less about that look you were trying to attain! Haha.

Anyways, guys, what do you look for? Are you into eyes, lips, hair, teeth, boobs, butts, legs, etc? Petite, tall, average height? Thin, curvy, average weight, chubby? And do you like the shy girl? Or maybe you prefer someone more outgoing or funny or perhaps a little feisty? Let us know! I think its time women just start accepting themselves for who they are, and you letting us know that you're fine with that is a great step!


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  • I totally agree and it's great to see girls who really get it when it comes to their bodies. It's sad that so many women have such a harshly unfair opinion of themselves. I rarely talk about what I like personally because there are ALWAYS exceptions, so why lay out a rigid profile of what she should look like? I hate it when people do that. But since you asked I'll share what I like.

    I'm a face guy. I can't define what attributes make a really beautiful face but I know them when I see them. I tend to prefer brunettes with longer hair but I've been attracted to women with any hair color in any style. If it complements your face and if the look is you then I can see it being sexy.

    I like normal curvy women. I don't like when a girl's so thin she's bony. When I put my arms around her I want her to feel soft and sensual. I don't want to be feeling her ribs. Just about any size boobs will do it for me. Larger boobs like C and D cups are nice and beautiful but smaller A and B cups are beautiful too and I can be perfectly satisfied with them. If she has big boobs that's great, I like them, but if she doesn't she doesn't lose points either. I won't be wishing for Ds if she's a B cup. I like a nice round butt. Something nice, smooth and curvy I can run my hands over.

    I may be in the minority here but I'm not a huge fan of the petite girls. Nothing against them, I can still be attracted but generally I prefer if she's around my height. Although for some reason there's something strangely fascinating to me about tall women too. Height doesn't really matter to me. It's not a huge deal.

    Personality wise, anything goes. There's something sexy about shy girls and their playful coyness that turns me on. I'd like to be the one to open her up and know her intimate side that she hides from the world. But I also like the playful, feisty girls who aren't afraid to let out the animal inside her and be strong, bold and sexual woman.

    I'm an intellectual guy and I'd like a woman who has an intellect I can respect as well. She doesn't have to be nobel prize physicist or anything. But if she has an area of knowledge or a skill she's passionate about and knowledgeable of - it's a good thing. As long as she's not vapid and completely intellectually incurious I'm good with it.

    I'm also a political guy and what scares me most is finding a woman that I'm deeply in love with but completely disagree with. I can't see myself being with a religious conservative woman at all. I'm a really liberal guy and it would just drive me insane.

    • Thanks for being so thorough! I think its high time women quit letting ourselves be defined by gay men in fashion! Haha. I love fashion, but I want to know what men who actually LIKE women think! :)

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  • I stopped worrying what men think! I will get dressed up when I'm going out to the pub or at work only because it is required of me. It's refreshing when a man takes interest no matter what I'm wearing, at least then I know he's interested in me, and not only how I look. I want to feel comfortable at home wearing track pants and sweatshirt without the worry of having to look good 24 hrs a day for some guy!