Help!! Where do I find over-the-knee boots for my long, skinny legs?

I am looking for black, suede-looking, thigh-high/over-the-knee boots (like Stuart Weitzman's "highland" boots, for example).

5'11" and am naturally very, very skinny (VS model skinny to give you an idea) so I need the calf circumference to be around 11 or 12 inches (ideally) and the shaft height a minimum of 22 inches (because that reaches the top of my knee).

I am not picky about heel height/width or anything. I also don't give one crap about the brand.

I just want them to fit! Most "thigh-high" boots go knee-high on me and look baggy, but I don't have 700 dollars to drop on SHOES.

My budget is $150-ish.


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