Why don't girls look at me?

I'm so sad because I feel I'm unattractive or average at best since no matter where I go in public girls don't ever look at me when I'm passing by. But I see other guys walk by and they turn and look. So is it true? I'm ugly or average at best?

Please answer and b honest! I'm 20 and in school by the way.


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  • i would answer if I had a picture to see what you look like, that would be really helpful:)

    • Well the thing is I don't want my picture out in the internet for everyone to see.

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    • Well what I meant is that girls don't look at me... Can't you give me an idea of why? Is it because I'm ugly or average looking?

    • Hmm well maybe it is because you are too quiet or the clothes you wear are average looking. Try spicing up your wardrobe and become more confident. Say hey to the girls that walk by you or just strike up a coversation, get some numbers and you be the one to initiate contact. Thanks for makin me best answer btw:) lol

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  • have no idea what you look like.

    i'll tell you what...notice the guys that the girls ur attracted to look at. compare yourself to them and make adjustments if you have to. what is a common trait that you notice between the guys who get looked at by girls and how is it different, if at all, from your appearance

  • Do not know what you look like, so cannot really help.


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