Is that a sign that he likes me?

while on a date with this guy who I know clearly likes me, a man who is clearly drunk walks up to us while we are kissing. Says man You treating this girl right, you better be treating her right cause she is Beautiful & he grabs face & squeeze's my check. The guy I am with puts his hand up to block the guy from touching me again. anyway He gets p*ssed about & says he wanted to punch the guy in the f***ing face for touching me. He was so mad, he wouldn't let it go. lol I though it was cute. Is that a sign that he likes me?


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  • Yeah, and a sign that he is a good guy that will protect you.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Well you never know about that. We weren't there, but the same words could say that he's all talk and trying to show off to the girl but is actually a pussy, or he could be a violent guy and like bashing people.

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  • about bad judgment?

    You could have defused the situation much better than your guy did. He could have started a real fist fight. It wasn't at all 'cute'. How about 'assault.' When I went into a bar brawl and had a female partner, we had an agreement that she would be the contact officer and I would be the cover officer. There is no self-respecting drunk that's going to swing on a woman; however, a guy presents another perceived threat. Things can get really ugly. Been there, done that. Didn't want the tee-shirt or baseball cap.

  • You already said "he clearly likes you". Why look for more signs? He might not like drunks interrupting a nice night.

    Yes he likes you, because he went on a date with you.

    • Haha I did say that haha I guess I just wanted to know if he liked me more than I already thought he did. & thank you for answering

    • That's cool. Best answer?

    • He deserves it, that was some astute observation :D Nice job alan.

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