Which country has most beautiful girls?

and handsome boys
in my opinion.
girls-Ukraine and Sweden
boys- Italy
and i really don't understand what is American or brazilian looking. they don't have looking, there are all type of people


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  • Germany has a really high percentage of attractive people, both guys and girls.

    • girls are cute, but i don't agree for guys, i think italian guys look much better and i general blond guys are not hot

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    • and u live in australia, what about people in australia?

    • I would say the girls are beautiful and really stylish. They boys do alright, they're getting better haha

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  • i m not white but i agree white people are one of the most beautiful people. having said that, their superiority complex ruins them and often become despicable.

    whites can look just as ugly though but whites are a neautral color and look good mixed with anyone.

    italians are great but they are mixed with arabs. downsides are that a lot of them are stubby short and have refridgeratr bodies and fingers.

    just like all races, the ones that look good look good but I've heard sweden has the highest average good looks.


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