How unimportant are a guy's looks to girls? REALLY?

I've never had a girl want to be around me because she thought I was "cute" or "hot". But maybe that's not so important--everything I read and hear says I should focus more on being confident, fun, playful, etc. And I tend to agree.

But does that mean girls will always have to "warm up" to me, and get to know my personality, before they're attracted to me? If so, how should I feel about that?

A lot of girls say, for guys, personality is much more important--but they won't gravitate towards guys that don't have that "look" they want! Or am I wrong?

One more thing: guys who are both very confident and very good looking get A LOT of girls, while a guy who is very confident BUT is NOT good looking can hardly get one date. If looks aren't the critical factor here, what is? (Remember, they're both VERY confident with girls.)


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  • Well a girl doesn't want a guy that 's a jerk! Personality is so important not just the face. What's on top doesn't last forever! Guys that are confident can get a date they just aren't looking in the right places.

    • Well can you be more specific? What are the "right places" and the "wrong places"? Let's say both the good-looking confident guy and the ugly confident guy are looking in ALL kinds of places for dates; the handsome guy gets them and the ugly guy doesn't get one. (Let's say their personalities are the same.)

      What's making the difference in that case?

    • Well to be honest the girls that are used only care about looks (one night stand no strings att) All they care about is who's face they are looking at. The hot guy could have a great personality but it wouldn't matter. Sad to say all of times it's all about how you look. There really isn't a thing as ugly guys it just depends on what the girl likes.

  • Looks are important to some girls more than others. So why would you want to be with a girl who was so shallow that she just judged you based off of your looks and nothing else?

    The trick is being confident in your own skin. Because everyone can be madeover. If you aren't happy with how you look, change it. Try dressing better, using acne products, getting a haircut. Little tweaks can make a huge difference overall. I believe that no one is ugly, everyone has at least one redeeming quality - physically - that can be played up.

    Most girls do have a type. Yes. But that doesn't mean it's set it stone. Most girls think they know what they want and then end up falling in love with a guy who is the exact opposite of what they THOUGHT they wanted. It's just how attraction and chemistry work, you never know.

    If you're calling yourself not good looking you don't have confidence. It's plain and simple. And that's why you're not getting girls. Because of that. You can say you do, but it's obvious you don't have good self-esteem. Work on that.

    Good luck.


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