What's your temper like?

What makes you mad, how quick does it take to make you mad? How do you handle it?

I'm usually very calm, oddly, when I'm provoked. I'll usually have precise, sharp, cognitive responses. However when the person doesn't get the hint, somebody's going to cry.

Haha and usually I won't move an inch, I'll just sit there, my chest usually gets pretty tight and my muscles get extremely tense.


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  • It takes A LOT to get me to the point where I lose my cool, as among my brother and friends I'm usually the designated "voice of reason" who's making sure that everyone else stays calm - but I'm human like everyone else, and very occasionally, a spark of anger will come out (only for what is probably a good reason, though). My temper rarely emerges, but when it does, my advice to the person who brought me to that point is look out!

    • I find that it actually agitates the other person more when you act serene

    • Through my own experience, I'd have to agree. I'm a very level-headed guy 99.9% of the time in life and am quite serene/peaceful, and really like being that way.

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  • Im usually real calm, and do never really getting p*ssed off, I'm rather passive and trying to control myself.

    But yes, I do sometimes get real mad, then usually very. Mostly its all about small things I've felt annoyed about and things that has provoced me during a long time, and when I've just kept avoiding it. Sooner or later it bursts, I get p*ssed. Lol =p

  • Im usualy pretty calm but if people go out of there way to try and make me mad then I will get p*ssed.

  • what makes me mad are:

    spilled liquids, on my clothes.

    people talking sh*t about my soccer team.

    these two make me REALLY mad

    other things:

    being too shy and no talking to girls I like.

  • When somebody p*sses me off my face gets real red ill probably just hit em or throw somthin at them.

    im like a gorilla at the zoo. lol


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