Why do some guys have to go for looks?

Some boys be jerks and call names because ur not skinny or your not a blond hair gorgeous chick. so why don't boys just respect you for who you are and not what you look like?


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  • Hello,

    well the fact is when you first meet someone becouse you don't know them you have to go by looks, the way a person looks can tell you a lot about them, how sucessfull they are, do they look after themselfs, do they follow a trend or are they different. Also looks serve a much more basic role becouse we instinctivly know what how somone looks will effect what our children will look like and we want to make sure were getting the best genes for our offspring...

    as you get older this tends to change, people have lived and been around and beging looking for somthing alittle different in there partner. And dispite what some people may tell you, looks may get your foot in the door but that doesn't mean they will help you move in.. for that you need character and substance..

    Good Luck



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  • Better yet why do girls do the same? Its just human nature not a guy thing. I bet there are people youve done the same exact thing to...


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  • some people are just jerks that's all there is to it