What colors fit me best? Very pale, blonde hair, blue eyes

hey everyone. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and am pretty dam pale. During the winter I usually wear jeans some sort of shirt, which is fine since my skin isn't showing.

However, I don't know what I should wear now to make myself look better through clothes. I am somewhat muscular and I've been told that I "look good in clothes". I am just wondering which color shirts/shorts I should wear to make myself look better.

Thanks for your time!


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  • I would most likely try reddish tones. I have light skin as well (profile pic). Whenever I wear reds or blues people tell me it accentuates my skin tone. Since you have light skin maybe try these colors! Also, since you have blue eyes, try wearing shades of blue and green. Wearing cargo shorts or jean shorts would be fine for the summer. Also the striped collared shirts always look good on guys! Hope that helps (:

  • very pale? I've noticed turquoise makes me look more tan and it makes my blue eyes pop...i also like guys in black and maroon

    almost every guy looks good in khaki cargo shorts and dark denim is a must

    if you like polos just play around with the colors, they look good and can be worn for anything or button up tops with the sleeves rolled up...it doesn't always look preppy it just looks fresh...the worst things to buy are those obnoxious shirts with the lame sayings

    oh and a girl can tell a lot by a guys shoes so mix it up:)


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