I finally get to dye my hair again?

Just not sure what color to go with. I want to keep it simple but I also want to stay with a color that looks good on me. So I've got blue, I've got purple (almost like a lavender) and then there's my natural hair color. Just looking for a little insight.
  • I finally get to dye my hair again.?Here's the blue (My most recent color)
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  • I finally get to dye my hair again.?Here's the lavender (from December last year in Colorado)
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  • I finally get to dye my hair again.?And this is my natural all blonde. No color underneath.
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  • Red can suit the style ! since you already using bright shades means you have no problem with them! if you be into it a rainbow shade, it can be nice and a new experience. following this colors slightly beside each other in a row into the same form you have in the pictures. "red,, light orange, royal orange, yellow, green, light blue, royal blue and purple"
    You can also the change coloring area! color the edges or give a little color to each row of your hair skipping one zone to the other it becomes a blonde hair with a little mix of appointed color throughout the whole hair.

    • I don't see the red being a good fit. I'm not into the whole rainbow thing. I've got a 14 year old sister who does that crap. Not for me. I'm a very picky person and I don't like a lot of colors. Blue is my favorite color. But my older sister talked me into the lavender which I then fell in love with.

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    • Your welcome! sorry if i couldn't inspire too much! good luck finding something you'd enjoy ! and for the record, you look great with everything you have chosen already.

    • Awe. Thanks a bunch dude.

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  • I vote for B!

    C when you get older and want a more professional look.

  • Do u still want to have fun with colors? Or u want to make ur hair natural style, like with highlights?

  • the second one


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