Locking eyes, is this a sign?

This shy guy that I have been with a couple of times is always looking at me and vice versa if we are at the same place, the last few times we would lock eyes for at least a minute, he doesn't approach me but now all his friends come up and chat with me. I emailed him saying if we are both not interested why are we always looking at each other and only talk to each others friends, and wrote that I wanted to be able to chat with him in person. I am a little skeptical because he doesn't like talking on the phone or emailing. Please HELP?


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  • Yeah, I think it's time to stop beating around the bush with this guy and decide to make a move! Your first move was emailing him and saying what you said. If he doesn't get the hint after that message, then there's something wrong with him! At any rate, I would wait to hear back from him or try to meet up with him in person to find out what his thoughts are regarding what you said to him in your email. If he's not into the phone or email, he may be someone who likes to talk in person. If this is the case, your best bet is fact to face chats. He may also be shy and that may be why he hasn't approached you yet. However, if you let him know for sure that you like him, I'm sure he will let you know in some way whether he likes you or not. The hardest part is letting him know. Shy guys will not make a move with you until they know for sure normally.


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  • talk on the phone and email, women are addicting to that, not men, women seem to be BORN with a cell phone to their ear. so don't hold that against him.

    my question is, why haven't you ASKED HIM OUT ALREADY? This is the 21 century! Men do believe in equal rights. Stop waiting for men to do everything!

    • I have already before, and he either doesn't reply or he says no. That's what I can't figure out if he's not interested why is always keeping an eye on me

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