Style advise/question black boots with jeans?

hey im a 20 years old sportive guy not sure about wearing or not some boots i have at home. Winter came and now i have to wear boots, but i'm not sure if this oneStyle advise/question black boots with jeans? would be okay for casual use with jeans.. ? And i know it probably sounds stupid, but about jeans, does it look better over boots in them or to cuff them?

plus sorry for my bad English but im slovenian and English its not my mother language


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  • I think if you are comfortable in them and they fit your "style," why not?

    • thanks and as i said to the other one I'll try it

  • i think it will look good

    • thank I'll try it, otherwise who cares

  • My granpa wears those. He usually wears his jeans over them

    • ha... ha.. touché. Actually those boots i got them as a firefighter for "daily work" use, as im usualy in intervention boots at work i dont use them. Except that i'm usually in sneakers for fitness or whtever else and other dress shoes. in 6 years im here this is first time snowing and i wasn't prepared and i won't waste money for shitty boots i won't use so often.

      thats not a gentle men thing to say but im firefighter so..
      granpa style is still too high for your low standars and im sorry for you.. your ugly mind problem can't be fixed by plastic surgery

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