Height is a factor need help please?

Hey I am a tall dude 6'3'' and my girlfriend is about 5'4'' or a little taller and it is pretty hard for to have sex in are bed we have tried it all what is the easiest way for us to have sex in are bed because what we have tried doesn't work


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  • Tough man, I had a lady that was also 5'4" and at the time I probably was also 6'3" but we never got that far. When we were cuddling, kissing, etc it was tough as is because she weighed only 116 and I weighed about 200 so when I was on top my arms would end up getting tired because I couldn't put all of my weight on her. I don't know if you 2 have tried all of the ways possible in bed (chances are you haven't because there are so many different ways-even though I am a virgin lol- to do it). Try making something where she is on top and doing the up and down motion.

  • My girlfriend and I are about the same as you guys height wise. I have found that it is easier if she is on top a lot, and she really enjoys it too! She gets off every time! Enjoy!

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