Does using your fingers to apply foundation, push the product deeper into your skin?

I recently switched from using my fingers to using a beauty blender and have noticed a huge difference in the way my make up feels on my skin.

Both methods allow me to blend well and get good coverage but the blender made my foundation feel 10x lighter; granted that it is a sponge and probably soaks up some product while applying but I can live with that.

Has anyone else noticed this difference?


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  • If you don't ring out your beauty blender enough, it absorbs less product and can look light or runny. Fingers can work but you won't get as flawless of a blend. I suggest you put a dot of foundation on your forehead, cheeks and chin without applying it directly to the beauty blender. Also make sure that your beauty blender is totally squeezed out. If you find that this application doesn't work for you, you could try a foundation brush.


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  • Foundation applied with a sponge just looks way more natural & saves time, once you go sponge you never go back

  • Yeah beauty blenders FTW!
    Lmao but they're so expensive like holy sht $30 for a little sponge.


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