Girls, are certain lingerie made for women with small or average size breasts?

OK so my friends and I were shopping and I saw some really cute baby doll lingerie and I found some green ones ( my boyfriend favorite color ) so while I was searching none of them looks like my cup size ( 36L ) so I looked at the other lingerie and still couldn't find my size. I'm afraid if I do find one online it's not going to fit right because I like to try on things before I spend a lot of money on it. I always wanted to wear lingerie but can't find anything for my cup size.
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  • You need to check out a brand that specializes in well-endowed women. Try Curvy Kate or Freya or others. The girls I know who have really big cup sizes swear by them. And they have some HOT lingerie! Super sexy styles like see through material and such that still offers great support for big boobs!


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  • Yeah I think many regular fashion brands stop at D but a good lingerie brand will have bigger sizes, too!

    • Thank you so much! And yes that is true because they do have this lingerie store at the mall I go to and they stop at D and another store stops at G.

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  • Lingerie for all sizes are available. But at most places they stock only up to D cup size. So if you really want to order out of stock stock sizes , you will have to order from the internet. But big cup size lingerie are available. All big boobed porn stars wear them. So you will have to take a little bit more effort in searching for the right place to find them.


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  • Are you sure you didn't mistake your size? L cup don't exist... I never even heard of it before O-o.
    The push up and bra without armature.
    If that your truly size I'm not surprised you can't find your size. Generally when you have a cup bigger than C / D it's really hard to find a bra at your size.

    • Yes that is my size, and it does exist. I was surprised because I thought bra sizes stops at triple H... I can't wear any push ups unless I'm going to wear for my boyfriend eyes only.
      Yes that is true, I have to go to places that does specialty bras.

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    • With padding? In my country regular bra are push up with padding. So it's very different

    • Some has padding, but I will wear anything as long it's full coverage.

  • An L is small? Lol I'm the same way with trying things on but I broke down bought one online bc it was a good price. A lot of times if you go by the measurements on the size chart it'll be accurate


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