Looking at my profile picture, what style do you think is best for me?

I'm currently working on my body. I'm brushing my teeth with the right stuff, moisturizer on my face, good hygiene with deodorant and cologne and the right soaps, my beard gets a bit out but I try to keep it trimmed, I'm drinking water and exercising so I'm focused on then, and also plan to get a tan soon. What kind of clothes do you think I should wear to attract women the most. I'm talking stuff that makes your panties drop.


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  • Try and wear things that make you look business like suit and button ups with the sleeves rolled up and nice dress pants. But also tight fitted tshirts with a pair of basketball shorts for the gym is hot.


What Guys Said 1

  • Try being a commode may be. They will drop their panties for sure.

    By the way tou have agood profile pic.


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