Guys what are your perceptions on a tomboy who is hot and dresses really girly?

This is to help my friend out who is really conflicted:-

This girl is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen and I wouldn't have guessed that she was a tomboy by the way she dresses. She is conflicted because she has been single for a year and a half and she generally doesn't play around/sleep around because she isn't comfortable with it, and because she hangs out with a lot of guys she has never had the intention to sleep around with any of them as she has always been use to hanging out with mostly guys since she was young.

I'm telling her to not do it because she has already told me she wouldn't be comfortable doing it but this is the way society is, and I know already it is hard to find someone so unique like her.

She is conflicted because she said she wants some sex experience BUT knowing she isn't comfortable just to sleep around with no strings attached as she genuinely only hangs out with guys she gets along with(no matter what their attractiveness is).

So guys I'm wondering, if you met someone like her, what are your perceptions about it?


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  • she shouldnt sleep around if that's not her. she should get sex experience when its the right time for her, not on everyone else's time table. the girls who sleep around aren't really happy, that's why they use their bodies to get what they feel is love and attention.

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